Patent Illustrations


I’ve drawn tens of thousands of drawing figures, included in sheets for U.S. patent applications.

Project Details

Client: Boyle Fredrickson, various clients

Date: Oct. 2016 – present

Tags: CAD, Fusion 360, Illustrator

Design patents


Example drawings for U.S. Patent Application no. 29/698,342, towel dispenser:

1414.660 Drawings (2021_03_25 20_30_40 UTC) web


Small selection of design patents I’ve drawn:

Application number Patent title
29/687,465 Vehicle seat
35/500,694 Child safety seats for motor cars
35/504,298 Stroller for children
29/681,655 Digital torpedo level
29/591,797 Direct drive bicycle trainer

Utility patents


Example drawings for U.S. Patent Application no. 29/698,342, dehumidifying and energy recapture system:

1580.008 Drawings_web


Small selection of utility patents I’ve drawn:

Application number Patent title
16/182,982 Water purification device
15/045,527 Handled container
10/147,521 Combined power and communications cable
10/422,679 Metering nozzle for squeeze bottle
10/796,603 Apparatus for demonstrating mechanical impedance
10,589,160 Golf swing improvement tool
2019/0376739 Retrofit peltier device for cooler
D840,494 Wheelchair egress system

Healing Garden


The Hilary Grace Healing Garden is a relaxing, meditative outdoor space for patients at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.

The project included precast planter walls, radiused panel walls, sloped tops, and uneven bottoms. It is a complex composition located on a rooftop.

Project Details

Client: J.H Findorff & Son Inc., Stonecast Products

Date: Feb. – May 2016

Tags: AutoCAD, Bluebeam

15-0055 R6-800.dwg
Piece drawing of radiused precast panel – Healing Garden

15-0055 3D BASE Portfolio.dwg
Full project AutoCAD 3D model – Healing Garden

One Menasha Center


One Menasha Center is an office building in Menasha, WI to be completed by mid-2016.

The project was a cladding job, including spandrel panels, column covers, and cast stone.

Project Details

Client: Miron Construction, Stonecast Products

Date: Aug. – Sept. 2015

Tags: AutoCAD, Bluebeam

15-0028 P2-104.dwg
Piece drawing – One Menasha Center


Completed building – One Menasha Center


Construction in progress – One Menasha Center

Building panels staged for shipping – One Menasha Center

Handheld Battery Pack Model


The handheld battery pack is the power source for Mobile Warming heated garments.

The battery pack model was created as a visual aid to depict the ability for the user to toggle between four different power/warmth levels. It was to appear in product videos and other marketing materials.

Project Details

Client: Mobile Warming Gear

Date: Dec. 2014

Tags: 3DS Max

B size metric

Battery pack blueprints and renders

Radial Engine Assembly


This model was created in Inventor.

The radial engine assembly was a project at MATC. I learned to make models and assemblies in Inventor.

Project Details

School Project

Date: 2014

Tags: Inventor


Radial engine assembly

Trolley Assembly


This model was created in Solidworks.

All the parts for the Trolley wheel were modelled during a semester at MATC. The project taught me the tools to creating mechanical models and assemblies in Solidworks.

Project Details

School Project

Date: 2014

Tags: Solidworks

Illustration vs. full-color render (click and drag slider to toggle between views)

Trolley assembly model