Sugar Skull


The 3D printed sugar skull pendant was designed with decorative details in relief.

The pendant is made of solid polished sterling silver, and was printed by Shapeways. Two versions were created in silver, with one receiving a patina to darken the grooves, and the other receiving no treatment. The final, untreated bright silver pendant also had small diamonds installed in the skull’s eye sockets.

Project Details

Private Commission

Date: March 2016

Tags: ZBrush, Marmoset, Shapeways

3D model – rendered sugar skull

Solar System Animation, Aliens and Androids Exhibition


The Aliens Worlds and Androids planetarium theatre film examines space exploration and technology.

The solar system segment is a three minute animation depicting the “Goldilocks Principle”. The animation opens with a long shot of the solar system, with the planets orbiting the sun. The camera gently floats around the scene, then pulls in towards Earth. Colored zones then because visible to represent the habitable zone and the areas that are too hot and too cold for life, as we know it, to exist.

Project Details

Client: Daniel M. Soref Planetarium,Milwaukee Public Museum

Date: July – Oct. 2014

Tags: Animation


Spherical screenshot of solar system animation

3D Printed Custom Ring


This custom mens size 15-3/4 ring was designed as a fine detail for a Halloween costume based on a character from a popular TV show.

This ring is made of solid polished sterling silver, and was printed by Shapeways. The detailed lettering on the face and wings on the sides is heightened through a patina process that darkens the metal. When the surfaces in relief are polished back to bright silver, with the grooves remaining dark, the contrast really helps the design pop.

Project Details

Client: Ken Frizelle

Date: Oct. 2014

Tags: Inventor, ZBrush, Shapeways


Finished ring

Various views of ring model

Chevy Impala


The Chevy Impala model is based on the classic 1964 car.

The 3D car model was created using a 1:25 scale hobbyist model of the car for reference.

Project Details

Personal Project

Date: 2014

Tags: 3DS Max, ZBrush, Keyshot

Illustration vs. full-color render (click and drag slider to toggle between views)


Front and rear 3/4 views – Chevy Impala car model wireframe

Chevrolet logo chrome emblem

Impala logo chrome emblem

3D Printed Phone Cases for iPhone


These custom cell phone cases fit the iPhone 6 and 4.

Made of Shapeways’s strong and flexible plastic material, these cases protect the phones while adding a design flair that strategically allows the material of the phones to be revealed in cutout areas. The green case depicts the silhouette of a soccer goalie blocking the ball, which contains the phone’s Apple logo. The previous design in black depicts a figure taking a “selfie”, the flash represented by a starburst.

Project Details

Client: Personal project

Date: Sept. 2014, April – May, 2015

Tags: Inventor, Shapeways


Back and front views – iPhone 6 phone case

Model – iPhone 6 phone case

Left: Rendered model views, Right: 3D print – iPhone 4 phone case

Driver Concept


This model was created in AutoCAD.

The goal of this project was to reverse engineer a prototype part. The CAD information was then used for production.

Project Details

Client: Alliance Technology

Date: 2013

Tags: AutoCAD

Rendered driver model