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Expert patent drawing and 3D modelling services, putting concepts into the real world since 2016.

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There's a drawing for everything. Let's bring your idea to life!

Patent Illustration

I’ve drawn tens of thousands of drawing figures, included in sheets for U.S. patent applications.

Experience matters.

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Welcome to the new 3DILA

"It's a new year, and I'm launching 3DILA, a new and improved drawing service designed to serve you better. I've made improvements to project management, communication, and the drawings themselves. I look forward to serving you in the new year."

- Jose

  • Project Request Form

    Your project request enters a smart management system that ensures your project's initial drafts will be delivered on time.

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  • Drawing Aids for Attorneys

    I can now provide parts lists from drawing views to ensure correctness, and color keys for distinguishing between components when the detail level gets high.

  • New Tools and Technology

    New 3D software ensures that all projects are complete, correct, and on time. Additionally, Fusion 360 offers scalability and better collaboration.

  • Hi-fidelity Shading

    My new shading style is inspired by 18th/19th century patent drawings that clearly define the largest and even most minor details with a consistent shading style.

  • Quality Patent Drawings

    3DILA drawings pass the U.S. Patent Office standards. I pride myself on clarity and accuracy, which is why my expertise in patent illustration since 2016 makes a difference.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    All 3DILA systems and communications are fast, secure, and confidential. I deliver drawings on time to meet filing dates, and work with you to ensure our revisions match the vision.