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I’ve drawn tens of thousands of drawing figures, included in sheets for U.S. patent applications.

Design Patents

Protect your unique visual, ornamental, or graphic design with a design patent.

Utility Patents

Protect your invention by claiming it's function or innovation in a certain application.


Protect your logo and identity with a trademark.

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Including, but not limited to the following...

Construction and Machinery
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Energy and Mining
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Food Packaging and Hospitality
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Medical and Scientific
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Manufacturing, Transport, and Distribution
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Robotics and Technology
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Telecommunications and Electronics
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And more!
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Meet the draftsman behind 3DILA

A lifelong artist, Jose applies his love for drawing, engineering, and technology, every day as a patent illustrator. "When my drawings help create something that exists in the real world, it kind of goes back to one of my early heroes, Leonardo da Vinci," says Jose.

It does feel like it's come full circle. Tens of thousands of patent drawings later, Jose reflects on his success as a patent illustrator. "It's about solving problems through design." It's also a lot of sketching, cleanup, review, and revisions. It's important to meet the inventor's requirements and the patent office's high standards for approval. Whether it's through mechanical drawings, flow charts, or diagrams, it's Jose's job to interpret and express an invention's innovation and function perfectly.

In 2021, Jose moved to a mountain town in Colorado, where he continues to draw patents every day on a freelance basis. "I'd like to thank everyone who I've worked with, past, present, and future. The fact that I've been able to use my drawing talents towards my career, while being inspired on a regular basis in the place that I live, I really am living the dream."


Jose Ardila

Technical Illustrator and Artist